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SightEcho IoT Series

SightEcho IoT Series

Smart Washroom Management System

Enterprises manage and monitor washroom more efficiently and smartly


Users get more information on washroom availability and cleanness

Smart Fitting Room

IoT System

Shop Assistants monitor the usage of fitting rooms more easily


Customers know which room is available and receive better services

Gym/Pool Shower Room 

IoT System

Managers know usage of shower rooms more clearly


Users get more information on shower room availability and plan their time better

Our Products

Vacancy Indicator

The cubicle vacancy of washroom, fitting room or gym shower room is indicated by the LED lamp at the ceiling of each cubicle, with our well-designed lamp shape and the soft RGB full color light offering customers a peaceful ambience

Sign Board with Availability Count

With our award-wining design of the availability sign board, users can know how many cubicles are available when they are still outside of the washroom, fitting room or gym shower room

Human Sensor

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Door Contact Sensor

Wireless and compact-in-size door contact sensors can be used to detect whether people are using the cubicles, sending information to the LED lamp to indicate the availability