August 28, 2018

Scuba Diving Facts

Scuba diving is one of the most popular “water sports” with its worldwide popularity constantly on the rise. Scuba diving has lately become one of the favorite recreational activity for many, and therefore a multi-million-dollar industry. So if you haven’t yet experienced this underwater thrill, now is the time – but make sure that you do it under proper guidance. Here are some facts you wouldn’t know about Scuba Diving!

1. Did you know SCUBA stands for “Self contained underwater breathing apparatus”?
2. The first wetsuits were “quarter-inch” in thickness, and featured high-waisted pants and a jacket with a beavertail flap that joined to the jacket through the leg
3. Although it is considered one of the most dangerous activity in the world, millions of people successfully obtain scuba diving certifications around the world every year
4. Scuba divers can’t determine the direction of the sound, as beneath the surface of water sound travels five times faster than it does in air. On land, we just have a split second to determine the direction of a sound, but underwater even a split second is not enough
5. Every year over 70 unprovoked shark attacks is reported worldwide. Sharks have unfairly gained a bad reputation thanks to the horror movie Jaws (1975). However, far more people are killed by the lightning in the US, than by sharks.
6. Finding Nemo was without the doubt one of the most successful and memorable Pixar movie. And the art team didn’t leave anything to chance. To understand the underwater world better, they took scuba diving courses in oceanography, marine biology and more.
7. Oxygen becomes toxic under high pressure. That is why special gases with a lower concentration of oxygen are provided for dives deeper than 42m
8. Water absorbs light rapidly, that’s why scuba diving rookies might feel disappointed that the underwater world actually looks a little bit less colorful than in the TV documentaries. The color that is absorbed the quickest is red.  Hence the red filters for the underwater cameras like GoPro and others. The color red is followed by orange, yellow, green and blue.
9. Richard Presley holds the world record for the longest deep dive. He stayed underwater in a deep module for 69 days and 19 minutes, a feat he accomplished in 1992, at Florida, United States.
10. A condition called nitrogen narcosis affects scuba divers who venture below the depth of 30 meters. This intoxicating condition, which initially leads to hallucinations and unconsciousness, can eventually result in death.
11. If you spit in your dive mask prior to the dive, as gross as it may be, it will actually prevent the mask from fogging. This is because the spit will coat the lens and the layer will be too smooth for the condensed vapor to hold on to. If you don’t want to spit, the soap or detergent will do the same trick.

Today, scuba diving is used in various fields, prominent ones being scientific, naval and recreational. Underwater tourism has received a major boost due to development of this activity. SightEcho is creating the world’s first smart diving mask so next time you take a dive, dive safe with SightEcho – the mask displays all relevant information like NDL, depth, location in your line of sight! Learn More


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