January 1, 2018

The World’s First Smart Diving Mask

The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the surface of our planet. By learning scuba diving, you own the other two-thirds of the earth.

When it comes to scuba diving, people would think of stunning underwater scenery like beautiful coral reefs, groups of sharks, colourful fish…That’s not wrong, but other than enjoying their holiday underwater, scuba divers always have more things to worry about.

Critical information that a scuba diver needs to keep checking

Depth, air consumption, dive time, no decompression limit, temperature, direction…… and for an unexperienced scuba diver, either you always forget to check the info (which leads to life and death situations), or you get too worried about your equipment and check all of them every 10 seconds!

We believe scuba diving should be about enjoying the underwater scene, rather than always worrying about the equipment and critical information. So, what if, scuba diver can view all the information directly in front of their eyes?!

Good news is: we have built the world’s first smart diving mask that improves diving experience and safety! We put a transparent heads-up display inside the scuba diving mask to enable augmented reality, so all the data mentioned above can be displayed in divers’ line of sight. Warnings and safety instructions will also be shown when hazardous situations occur!

Viewing effect of our smart diving mask

With our smart diving mask, you will have a brand new diving experience. You may say “I had a dive computer already, why I still need your mask”. Well, in situations like you are holding a huge professional camera and chasing a shark to take good photos and your hands are really not free, such a smart diving mask can save your life! Reading information like depth and time is so intuitive and not bothering at all.

*The design shown above is simplified to protect intellectual properties

Other features of our smart diving mask include an HD camera at the top of the mask, and divers can easily take point-of-view videos with their masks. For the display part, all the data can be viewed at the top of your mask glass so that the data won’t block your vision when you are having fun watching the fish 🙂

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