August 16, 2018

We won the Cocoon Pitch Night

Two hours before, we were still in Cocoon, a co-working space and incubator in Hong Kong, competing for the Cocoon Pitch Night Final Champion. I was working on the new mechanical design of the mask in the afternoon and I could not finish the design on time. I kept delaying the time I go to the competition venue. The competition started at 7pm and I arrived at 6:56pm. When I arrived, I saw my three friends who paid to support me. One of them is even SightEcho advisor Brian.

I was the second one to present and I started looking into the profile of the other contestants. They were all great startups with great potential. For example, one of the contestants was Marco Jorge from They already raised a USD 10 million Series B with great tractions and numbers. There were also company working on medical record on blockchain, pill dispensers for elderly, etc. I started preparing myself for the pitch since I was the second one to present my company. I double checked the prototype and it was working perfectly as usual. I used my smart phone to recap the deck and I could not even focus on the first presenter’s pitch.

After the Q&A session of the first presenter, the female MC started introducing me and SightEcho, the world’s first smart diving mask. I took the prototype in my hand and walked to the stage confidently. I started talking about the passion and story why we are making the mask, what is our business model, what is our timeline and other essential information to build a great company. I used around 4 minutes and 30 seconds to finish to pitch and started giving out the prototype to let the judges to try it.

The judges asked a few questions and I answered them with my prepared Q&A slides. Everything was smooth and great and there was nothing I could do to  make it better. I sit down after the presentations and people were so excited to ask me for the prototype. I passed around the prototype and people are amazed by the augmented reality we made. People came to me during the break time and exchanged name card with me. They tried to introduce me different diving mask manufacturers, famous divers or asking to help us to beta test it.

Audiences are looking into the prototype and amazed

Marco from was the last one to present. They have a great idea and great traction that I believed they will win the competition.  After presentations and 20 minutes voting time, it was finally the result announcing moment. The first award was the audience favourite award, and the award winning is SightEcho! Then, the MC started announcing the result of the top 3 startup pitching. I could feel that something was coming since was the third place and Medical Blockchain was the second place. And yes! SightEcho is the CHAMPION of Cocoon Pitch Night Finals. It was a great night since there are some recognitions of what we have been doing.

However, we understand that getting an award is not what we anticipated from building a startup. All we want is to build the smart diving mask that can improve diving safety and convenience. We have been working days and nights to achieve it and the beta testing is coming in September. Therefore, stay tuned and subscribe to us on the right hand side!

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